The Complete Solution To Waterproofing Your Crawl Space

Your crawl space, even though it is under your house, should still be dry. You don't want water to accumulate in your crawl space. Water contained in your crawl space can lead to the underside of your home experiencing water damage and potentially being contaminated with mold. Water damage and mold are two things you really don't want to have to deal with if you don't have to. Keeping water out of your crawlspace requires a full-scale approach. Read More 

4 Water Damage Restoration Tips To Make Your Home More Resistant To Bad Weather

When rebuilding your home after a natural disaster, you want it to be more resistant to bad weather. This means that you will want to consider improvements like hurricane straps, as well as improvements for watershed, drainage, and waterproofing systems. Here are some water damage restoration tips to help make your home more resistant to bad weather: 1. Structural Improvements to Protect Your Home Against High Winds Structural improvements can be a great way to prevent future damage to your home. Read More 

What To Do When A Pipe Bursts In Your Home

The scene can be quite unsettling: You walk downstairs after a restful night of sleep and find that your entire lower level has been flooded out. Upon closer inspection you discover that one of the pipes in your walls has burst, causing water to spew over your floors and furniture. While you certainly want to get the water up as soon as you can there are also a few other steps you should take. Read More 

Tips For Getting Rid Of Smoke Damage In Your Mattress

There were approximately 494 thousand structure fires reported in the U.S. in 2014, resulting in about $9.8 billion in damages. Even if it was a small fire, such as a garbage can fire, the damages can cost up to several hundred dollars in restoring your household items from the soot and smoke that may have been created. Smoke can permeate your fabrics and textiles, and your mattress is one of those things that can be affected. Read More 

How To Replace Water Damaged Drywall

Drywall is usually the first thing that gets damaged where there is leaking in the wall pipes. When drywall gets soaked from the inside, it can often be hard to detect at first. But, water damaged drywall can start to sag and become very weak. This is why it is so important to fix water damaged drywall as soon as possible. In some cases it will be easier to just cut out the damaged part of the drywall and replace. Read More