Mold Problems And Getting Your Home Back To Normal After Serious Water Damage

The water damage to your home can lead to serious problems with mold if it is left to grow out of control. Therefore, mold removal may be part of the cleanup process when restoring your home. When you are cleaning up the mold, you want to make sure it been eliminated and does not come back. What all needs to be done to your home when removing mold while repairing the water damage?

Begin the demolition and removing materials

Getting started with the removal of damaged materials is the first step in removing mold. Even though some of the materials may only look to be damp on the surface, they could be hiding mold beneath them. A few things to remember when doing demolition for mold removal include:

  • Removing standing water before beginning demolition
  • Sealing affected area from the unaffected areas of your home
  • Removing all materials that absorb moisture and cause mold problems

When you are removing materials due to water damage, follow this advice to keep mold contained. Once the demolition has been completed, you will be ready to remove the mold and clean up the area.

Identify the areas with potentially hazardous mold

The different areas with potential mold growth can be spread out beyond the water damage. Therefore, you are going to want to identify the areas where you need to remove mold growth. After the demolition, it may be easy to spot areas with heavy growth.

Testing the mold to know what action should be taken

The mold growth in your home will need to be tested before it is removed. This is to identify the areas with potential mold growth, and to identify the type of mold present and whether it is toxic. All types of mold will require remediation, but some of the more toxic species should be completely removed from your home.

The mold removal and remediation processes

Mold removal is an important step in the renovations that need to be done when cleaning up water damage. Mold remediation is another important step in the process when repairing your home. Remediation is different than removal because it involves repairs and prevention, rather than complete removal. Since mold is everywhere in the environment, you want to get most of it removed and do things to prevent it from coming back—this is remediation.

When you have to deal with water damage, you will want to make sure the mold gets removed. Call a local service for help with mold removal from your home when you need to clean up serious water damage.