Cleaning Up Water Damage Safely

Water can cause a catastrophic amount of damage. It can ruin walls, floors, furniture, electronics, and many other things in a home. Water damage can also start to affect the electrical wiring in your home. This can be very dangerous as it can cause electrocution or even fires if it is not taken care of correctly. Another hazard caused by water damage could be caused by falling debris. If the top floor in the home floods, it could get into the ceiling of the floor below. Read More 

4 Types of Flood Damage & What to Do About Them

Not all flood damage results in homes being completely submerged or swept away. A flood can destroy you home in various other ways as well, of which you might not have thought about. Here are four possible threats to your home that might want to deal with beforehand to reduce the amount of flood cleanup and restoration remodeling you may face. 1. Damage from Fuel Tanks and Lines Those heavy fuel tanks sitting outside your house may go flying in a flood. Read More